Naruto hentai pictures of sexy Sakura and Tsunade in the Slave Room

That day Naruto girls Tsunade and Sakura decided to expand their Naruto XXX experience and went to the Slave Room. They were a little shocked from the view of the room, but curiosity won against fear. Hot Tsunade chose a wooden pole with two dildos for her first time and sexy Sakura, being more elastic babe, chose a stretching tool. And the Naruto hentai action began!

Hot Tsunade

Hentai Tsunade was the first. Firstly a dominatrix gagged her and chained her hands to her legs. Then she bound Tsunade’s head to the pole, stuck her on the wooden dildos and left her in such a perverted pose. Then the dominant woman came up to Sakura. She twisted her arms, bound them behind her head and tied the rope to a ring in the wall. Then she made Sakura naked sit down and spread her legs. She tied each of them to high poles and took two huge dildos.

Sexy Sakura

All the time Tsunade nude was watching the action. She became so aroused from it that began to move her hips, letting the dildos penetrate into her holes deeper and deeper…

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Naruto hentai scene between Naruto and sexy Tsunade

Naruto and sexy Tsunade

Gotten to know that Naruto calls her a granny, Tsunade invited him at her place. In this Naruto hentai scene she decided to demonstrate to the obnoxious bully what she thinks about it. Barged into the room, Naruto stiffened with astonishment. Sexy Tsunade was sitting on a table, shown off her cleanly shaved pussy and big boobs! Tsunade hot pussy was wet and her eyes shone with lust. Gaped his mouth, Naruto couldn’t look away from Tsunade nude body. Approached to him she whispered: “Well, and who you call a granny here?”

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